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VOLANS is a family of modular, low cost space launch vehicles designed for capacities between 60 to 500 kg to Low Earth Orbit.


Powered by Equatorial Space’s innovative propulsion technology, VOLANS is the first, 100% pyrotechnics-and-explosives-free launcher. 


Capable of launches from near-equatorial sites, VOLANS will deliver your payload directly to your chosen inclination - at low cost and at your convenience.

Key Stats:
Propulsion: cNOX/HRF-1AL
Capacity: 60 | 150 | 500 kg*
Fairing Volume: 1008 Lt | 5470 Lt
Fairing Length: 1.80m | 2.97m

Fairing Diameter: 0.98m | 1.97m
*Note: Performance simulated for 400km, 40° orbit



DORADO is a responsive launcher designed to deliver small payloads into suborbital trajectory.


DORADO is designed to be 100% explosives-free, and ships fully inert for easy deployment to any range in the world.


DORADO is the greenest sounding rocket in the World - eliminating toxic effluents, and producing remarkably little carbon compounds and greenhouse gases.


Safe to manufacture, transport and launch, DORADO is the most operationally flexible, suborbital launcher ever built.

Key Stats:
Propulsion: cNOX/HRF-1AL
Capacity: 25 kg
Apogee:  105 | 250
Microgravity Access: 3
mins | 6 mins
Payload Volume: 41 Lt
Payload Length: 0.74m
Payload Diameter: 0.27


The Student Payload Academic Rocket Kit (SPARK) is the first commercially developed rocket kit with payload support for student training missions.

SPARK allows students to simulate the full mission cycle of space experiment - from requirements identification through design and test and all the way to the launch.

Equipped with a generic-fuel-based hybrid motor and electrically triggered parachute deployer, SPARK is 100% pyrotechnic-free.

SPARK has been previously flown in India and the United States.

Key Stats:
Propellant: NOX/ABS
apacity: 3 kg
Apogee:  1 km | 3km
total Mass: 17 kg
Motor Classes: L | M


The Tech

We deliver the greatest leap in rocket propulsion in a hundred years - enabling the next great space revolution for all of humanity with safer, greener and more affordable systems.


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May 24, 2022

Straits Times

Singapore's space sector is on a mission for funds and talent

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Oct 31st. 2023

Prime MInister's Office

Deep tech investments in Singapore includes into startups like Equatorial Space Systems, a rocket propulsion and space launch startup

Screen Shot 2023-04-12 at 8.44.22 PM.png

April 12, 2023


Equatorial Space is on a mission to make space launches cost-effective and eco-friendly

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