The Dorado, called after a southern sky constellation representing a swordfish, is our commercial suborbital rocket capable of delivering small payloads above the Kármán line - the boundary of space.

Designed for cost-effective missions, the Dorado comes in two variants - a single stage vehicle capable of reaching an apogee of 105 kilometres, and a two-stage version designed to exceed a target altitude of 250 kilometres - providing 3 or 6 minutes of weightlessness respectively.

Length: 6.5m

Launch Mass: 370kg

Maximum Payload: 25kg

Apogee (at MP): 105/200km (two-stage)

Propulsion: Hybrid (HRF-1AL/NOX)

Price per Kg: Upon Request

Dorado At-a-Glance:

Level up now -                           with the Dorado


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