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Launch is an
Essential Service

And we make it easy.

Small satellites continue to revolutionize the way we communicate and understand our planet, economy and each other. At this rate of growth, the space tech industry is projected to be valued at USD 1 trillion by 2030.

However, available launch solutions are expensive and prone to failure. This is caused by the complex nature of rocket propulsion technologies currently available.

Equatorial Space makes launch safe and simple using our proprietary propulsion technology, reducing the risk and cost associated with launch by half compared to competing products.

8,500 Smallsats

Will require launch between 2021-2029, providing communications and data

USD 1-2b

In annual dedicated launch market value

600-800 Launches 

Required per year to address the demand


The timing is right

Potential ROI: 60-80X*

*Forecasted within 3 years for seed round investors. The ROI is NOT guaranteed and is subject to prevailing market conditions. 

R&D Pathway

Our technologies allow for a faster development cycle compared to other kinds of rocket systems.

How we stack up against others in the industry

We are the most efficient rocket startup

Equatorial Space

Required Funding (2023): USD 80m
Targeted Valuation (2023): USD >2b


Rocket Lab

Funding: USD 680m

Valuation: USD 1.4b


Relativity Space

Funding: USD 1.2b
Valuation: USD 4.2b

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