Launch Services


DORADO will be the first commercial hybrid-propelled suborbital rocket free from pyrotechnic devices, enabling rapid and cost effective missions at any location globally.


The DORADO family includes two versions which deliver 25kg payloads to 105km and 270km apogee.


DORADO will commence revenue services in 2022.


VOLANS will be the first hybrid-propelled launch vehicle to significantly reduce launch costs and increase reliability and cadence compared to legacy launchers, enabling fast access to all inclinations from our sea launch platform or established sites globally.

​The VOLANS family includes two versions which deliver up to 150 kg and 350kg payloads to LEO (Low Earth Orbit).

VOLANS will begin operations in 2023.



Trajectory Analysis

Trajectory and range safety analysis for your vehicle and specified location using state-of-the-art tools and computing capabilities

Propulsion Design

Custom propulsion products not limited to hybrids - for all mission profiles and operational requirements throughout the entire product life cycle from preliminary review to ground and flight testing

Mission Design & Analysis

Design, manufacturing and customization of small payloads as well as trajectory/orbit design and analysis - inclusive of Low Earth Orbit satellites and deep-space missions



Filament Winding

We provide custom compressed gas vessels through filament winding process, providing lightweight and durable products for aerospace and terrestrial applications

Chemical Preparation

Tailor-made non-explosive chemical mixtures for a wide range of industries and academic projects.


Rapid prototyping capability using CNC machining and additive manufacturing

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