Why Hybrid Rocket Propulsion?

The combination of liquid oxidiser and solid fuel has always been an enticing option to reduce the cost and risk of spaceflight - the traditional fuel combinations rendered this promising approach impractical - until now:

+            +            =

explosive free

more control

less complexity

Lower cost

Safer to manufacture, transport and operate

- reducing the risk, improving the reliability and lowering the cost

Wide throttle range, easy ignition & shutdown gives

Improved system control, reliability and mission flexibility

The combination of solid rocket style combustion chamber results in only one fluid system - reducing the complexity

The combination of safety and simplicity leads to lower launch cost for you

HRF-1: Making Rockets Simple

HRF-1 is a unique solid fuel proprietary to ESS which has undergone 5 years of testing in ground firings. HRF-1 solves the historical challenges of hybrid rocket propulsion, and delivers superior and stable performances to enable this game-changing technology to take flight

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